Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-in-1 Treatment

This blog is going to be about all sorts of random consumer reviews, however I'm going to start the blog off by reviewing some beauty stuff!

Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-in-1 Treatment 

Here is the description from the back of the box *

*Improve the future of your nails!
Sally Hansen has redefined the science of nail care. Advanced technology and high performance ingredients are combined to deliver the benefits of four nail treatments in one revolutionary formula!

1) Smoothing Base Coat
Ridges and imperfections are instantly smoothed. Patented Okoume extract makes nails grow out smoother and less ridged.

2) Bio-Strengthener
Sea Minerals, Natural Plant Extracts and Vitamins help restore strength. Weak, fragile nails are protected and reinforced to resist breaks, splits, chips and cracks.

3) Growth Treatment
Triple Protein Complex and Active Botanicals nourish and revitalize nails. Short, problem nails grow longer and stronger.

4) Mega Gloss Top Coat
State-of-the-Art Micro Technology creates an incredibly durable, scratch-resistant shield of chip-proof protection with breathtaking, high-gloss shine!

Proven Results
() Dramatically stronger, healthy nails in 3 days
() Visibly longer, smoother nails-- 30% longer nails in 5 days
() Incredibly shiny, protected manicure-- 100% pure shine for up to 10 days*

Price- about $12-13.50

So here is my opinion: This nail treatment is pretty expensive , but since it is a big bottle I figured if it worked it would be worth it. So does it work? It does work, but it does have some drawbacks.

As a base coat it definitely smooths out ridges and imperfections and makes nails smooth and glass-like. However I didn't notice a big difference in new nail growth being free of ridges. If you expect to use this for a few weeks and no longer have ridges, I don't think it will work for you, at least it didn't work for me that way. I think there may have been slight improvement in the ridges but that is probably just my wishful thinking. It does however work very well as a base coat both by itself and with nail polish on top.

 As a bio-strengthener I think it works good also. It definitely makes my nails stronger, and harder and more resistant to breaks.

 As a growth treatment, I would say it works moderately well. My nails grow pretty fast on their own, but this seemed to make new layers of nail grow in so my nails seemed a bit thicker.

 As a top coat I only use it by itself and not with nail polish underneath, because it takes forever to dry, and after a while it still isn't fully dry(when used with nail polish). It does make nails very shiny and glossy. 

All in all it does do what it says it will, however it takes a long time to dry, and didn't seem to fully dry as a topcoat over nail polish, also the results are moderate, unless you really want all four treatments, I would suggest using a specific treatment for whatever problem you have. For example the Sally Hansen maximum nail growth formula works much better than this for nail growth, so if you wanted your nails to grow I would skip this 4-in-1 and go for the maximum nail growth. If used as a base coat it does help to increase the longevity of your nail polish and without nail polish it lasts even longer. I would say it lasts 10 days, as long as you do touch ups to the treatment or to the nail color if you use it as a top coat. Whether or not I'll repurchase when the bottle runs out? I'll most likely try another nail treatment or topcoat before I decide whether this is worth the money.

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