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Wen Cleansing Conditioner

Wen Cleansing Conditioner 

The information below about the product is information I have gained from watching the wen infomercials and QVC presentations along with reading the informational pamphlet that comes with wen, when you buy it through QVC. It also contains my personal opinions and experience with the product. Because my knowledge of wen comes from so many sources and acquired at many different times I'm not going to site every piece of knowledge. I will however use an * when using a direct quote from the pamphlet. So you will know it is a definitive statement from wen. Everything else should be taken with a grain of salt as it is my secondary relaying of information, and because I am going from my memory (which is generally very good) I apologize if there are any inaccuracies in information. 

Wen is used to wash your hair like a "shampoo" however it is a cleansing conditioner. Which basically means it cleanses your hair while conditioning it and it doesn't lather or contain sulfates and other harsh chemicals. There are 5 different scents/types of wen. They all work towards making your hair healthy, shiny, and strong but each one varies slightly in its ingredients and purpose. Because Wen doesn't lather, it doesn't strip your hair of its natural oils. I have found that because it doesn't strip your hair of its natural good oils you need to wash your hair less. Since your scalp is moisturized and not striped it isn't overcompensating  and making excess oil as a result. Thus your hair stays less oily and overall cleaner for longer. I have also found in my experience that if you blowout your hair after you wash it that it prolongs the results and you can wash your hair less often. When I was using regular shampoo the most I would go without washing my hair was probably a day, maybe two. After that my hair would be dirty and oily and I would need to rewash it. Every hair stylist I have ever been to would tell me that I should wash my hair only two or three times at most a week. I use to think they were crazy, to not wash their hair. But after I found wen I saw that if you use a sulfate free cleansing conditioner that you can indeed go more than a day without washing your hair. Although Wen is significantly more expensive than say a drugstore brand, it keeps your hair healthier, and you need to use less of a variety of other hair products. Both because your hair is healthier and because Wen acts as a cleanser, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, and you can even use it as a shaving cream. It also should retain your color well, because there are no harsh detergents stripping your hair of its moisture and color. Wen works on all hair types and ethnicities, and each one can be used for a targeted purpose. Here is a description from the pamphlet that describes in one sentence who should use each type/scent of wen.

*From Wen pamphlet that I got when I bought through QVC*

*Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner: A universal cleansing conditioner beneficial for all hair types. Works exceptionally well on fine to medium hair.*

*Wen Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner: Designed for dry, sensitive, flaky scalp issues and thinning hair.*

*Wen Fig Cleansing Conditioner: Wonderful for medium to coarse, wavy to curly, and ethnic hair. Works exceptionally on dry, dehydrated, color-treated, damaged hair.*

*Wen Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner: A clarifying cleanser for all hair types, though extremely beneficial for oily scalps and dry hair.*

*Wen Lavender Cleansing Conditioner: A universal cleanser for all hair types though extremely beneficial for fine to medium, dry, damaged, and wavy to curly hair.*

So here is my opinion of each scent. Sweet Almond Mint, I would rank as a 2 of 5, five being my favorite Wen cleanser and 1 being my least favorite Wen cleanser. I would rank it as my second to least favorite because it wasn't anything special. Granted all Wen makes your hair soft, hydrated, shiny, healthy, silky and nice, but other than that Sweet Almond Mint didn't do anything special, and I didn't care for the smell either. It's not a bad smell it's just kinda boring and not really what I would want my hair to smell like. I like to use fruity and/or very perfumed scents for haircare. 

Tea Tree ranks 3 of 5. It's my third favorite. Tea Tree really does help with your scalp woes. Whenever my scalp feels dry or itchy or flaky I use Tea Tree and it really helps to remedy the problem. It also is very moisturizing and does seem to make your hair a bit thicker. The smell isn't bad, it might take a bit to get use to but it has a very earthy smell which I don't mind at all.

Fig is a ridiculously close 4 of 5. This is by far the most moisturizing and makes your hair so soft and silky and hydrated even more so than the others. Every time I use this it feels like you have had a high end hair treatment. The only reason it isn't my number one favorite is because unfortunately my hair is on the normal to fine end of the spectrum and after a day or so my hair needs to be rewashed because it becomes a bit overwhelmed with the moisture and gets weighted down and a bit oily. I wish I had thicker hair because then I would use fig because I love it.. mostly I use it when my hair needs a pick-me-up. Also when I first smelt it I thought it smelt bad as others have said but after I used all of them multiple times I liked the strong smell of Fig and actually thought it smelled good. I guess it is an acquired smell.

Cucumber Aloe ranks 1 of 5. It is my least favorite. I don't dislike the smell of cucumbers or aloe, but I was not a fan of the smell of this. I bought one of each scent in a discovery kit and used each for a few days before switching so I could see when to use each based on my hair type. When I got to Cucumber Aloe I used it I think twice before I switched to another and I wasn't too thrilled when I went back to it to use up the bottle. Also since it is made for oily scalps it isn't very moisturizing on your scalp which made my scalp over compensate and become oily. It was very moisturizing for the rest of my hair though.

Lavender ranks 5 of 5 and is my favorite. It moisturizes almost as well as Fig which is good for my normal to fine hair. Lavender and fig are both good a giving the hair nice volume and body. I also think that the lavender smells really nice and is my favorite of all the scents. It also moisturizes enough without weighing my hair down or making it oily, it's the perfect combination. With lavender I can get away without washing my hair for two or three days before it needs to be washed again. If you blowout your hair and don't do anything like workout or anything else that would make your hair dirty, you should be able to decrease the amount of times you need to wash your hair. Also because you wash less and because the formula is thick and comes in a pump bottle, a little goes a long way. So although it may be about 4 times the amount of drugstore brands it last 4 times longer and makes hair 4 times nicer. So it ends up costing close to the same amount in the long run.

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  1. yes i totally agree with this the other day i used this when i had sunburn on the back of my neck and to my surprise it cooled it because it contains aloe leaf juice also it made my hair smell good, smooth and clean great review blogeroo!