Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control (Power cream wash, Power clear scrub, 3-in-1 hydrating acne treatment)

So as I said before I was looking for a new face wash that had salicylic acid in it to help with my clogged pores. I have been using Neutrogena for the last few months and it has helped my skin a lot and I’m pretty happy with the results. It didn’t get my skin flawless, but it significantly helped to clear my pores and keep my skin free of blemishes. I used three of the oil-free Acne stress control products. The Oil-Free Acne Stress Control- Power Cream Wash, Oil-Free Acne Stress Control- Power Clear Scrub, Oil-Free Acne Stress control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment. I thought that the combination of all three products really did help my skin. The face wash smelled really good (like a fruity melon-y scent) it didn’t irritate my skin, it had a cool menthol effect and did a good job at cleaning my face without over-drying it. It left my face smooth and soft. The exfoliator (which I used initially everyday but switched to three times a week) is really good a removing dead skin cells and clearing pores without irritating skin. It has a stronger menthol effect but nothing that is irritating. The Three in one hydrating treatment, is my favorite of all three products. Like the face washes it smells good, is almost serum-like in consistency, is light and really made my skin soft and smooth. It dries very quickly and surprisingly is quite hydrating. Because it is an acne treatment and in serum form I assumed it would be drying, especially for my already dry skin. A few other reviews I read said that it irritated their skin and dried it out. It didn’t do that to my skin which was a pleasant surprise. Its suppose to 1) treat acne even before it emerges 2) hydrates and softens 3) reduces redness. It does these things well. Well I used the hydrating treatment with the other two products the salicylic acid in the treatment really helped my pores. As opposed to the face wash which washes off and has little contact time with your skin. The cream helps heal blemishes, prevent new ones, and help unclog pores. It also makes skin soft and smooth and does a good job at reducing any redness that you might have. Its actually hydrating enough that I haven’t been using my Burt’s Bees radiant creams (day and night versions). The three products also helped to reduce oiliness (especially in the T zone) and to smooth and even out my skin removing excess skin cells and rough patches on my face. Overall the three products really worked well together in unison but are also good standalone products. I’m currently trying out two new products, a face wash and exfoliator and when I finish them I’ll compare them to the Neutrogena products. 

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